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  • New Home for the TIMMINS One Name Study Blog - Today the TIMMINS One Name Study Blog moved to a new home. I have taken the step of moving from Blogger to Hosted WordPress with a new custom domain. After careful consideration I have chosen to use TSOHOST as my … Continue reading
  • The TIMMINS Surname Distribution in 1851 - Following my experiences with Excel and Surname Atlas, recording the TIMMINS folk in the 1881 census, I now need to take this a step further.  Surname Atlas is only able to provide mapping for the 1881 census, so I have … Continue reading
  • TIMMINS Surname Frequency Revisited! - Since my last blog post I have been busy collecting census data relating to the surname study. One area that interested me was the 1851 census as this is the earliest census to include place of birth. It was also 30 years earlier … Continue reading
  • 10 Ways to Write West Bromwich! - In my last post on the TIMMINS surname I was left with an action to check if I could glean more information on birth locations from the FamilySearch web site, namely the 1881 census of England and Wales.  There are … Continue reading
  • A Midlands Origin for the TIMMINS Clan - This is a follow on post from Searching for the Geographical Origin which started the exploration of my own surname TIMMINS.  So far we have just considered the name as it is spelt now, ignoring the alternatives.  For this post I intend … Continue reading
  • Searching For The Geographical Origin - This blog post is a re-work of an article I originally posted on my Ancestral Wormhole blog. Since I am now a member of the Guild of One Name Studies I decided to re appraise this article and add some new findings. … Continue reading
  • Welcome to the TIMMINS One Name Study - Welcome to my new genealogy blog. This is the place where I will be recording the journey into the one name study of my TIMMINS surname.  I will still keep the existing Ancestral Wormhole blog for my general family history, … Continue reading
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