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Relevant Surnames:


Gilbert TIMIN 1279 – Rotuli Hundredorum (Cambridgeshire)

Richard TYMYNG 1332 – Subsidy Rolls (Sussex)

Richard TYMMYNG 1477 – Calendar of Inquisitiones post mortem (Nottinghamshire)

TIM-EN, TIM-ON, diminutives of Old German THIEMMO, or on an unrecorded Old English postulated form TIMA

Bardsley and Harrison suggest that the name derives from Timothy –
this is most unlikely as the name was not used in England before the
Protestant Reformation.

Source: Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames by Reaney & Wilson (revised Third Edition)

Other uncorroborated evidence gathered from other sources suggests:

  • time : Latin tempus, Old English tima, Proto-Germanic timon
  • time : The passage of existence, measured in periods such as seconds. Old English “tima” < Old Germanic “timon” < root “ti”=to stretch.
  • Tīd , (plural) tide (fem noun) or tima, (plural) timan (masc
    noun), (Old English) = time, times (modern English). Tīd is comparable
    to German Zeit, tima is traced to Latin tempus.

My first stab on the origin of the surname is very much open to discussion.

Surname Type: Possibly a  metonym (being named after ones job)

  • TIMAN : ‘The Time Man’ – Perhaps referring to an old occupation
  • TIMMAN(S) : ‘Son of The Time Man’
  • TIMMINS : Variant of above
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